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Find here reports, policy briefs and factsheets about child marriage, as well as capacity building tools for organisations and individuals working to end child marriage.

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Toward an end to child marriage: lessons from research and practice in development and humanitarian sectors

This report tells us what we know about programmes to address child marriage. It provides recommendations for stronger efforts in both development and humanitarian settings.

Fact sheet and brief

Child marriage in humanitarian settings: spotlight on the situation in the Arab region

A summary of what we know about child marriage in the humanitarian contexts in the MENA region and ongoing efforts to address it.

Fact sheet and brief

Stories from the ground: child marriage in refugee camps

This brief gather the stories of four Syrian refugee girls who married as children after fleeing Syrian to find refuge to Lebanon.

Girls Not Brides materials

Ending child marriage together

Learn more about Girls Not Brides, the power of collective action, and how to become part of the global movement to end child marriage. 


Caught in contradiction: making sense of child marriage among Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Based on data collection tool SenseMaker®, this research explore drivers of child marriage from the perspective of Syrian refguees in Lebanon, and reflects on solutions.

Engaging religious leaders to address child marriage

Four practitioners share their experiences working with religious leaders to address child marriage.


An Islamic human rights perspective on early and forced marriages

This guide provides a useful list of principles in Islamic law that make a case against child marriage.


UNICEF global estimates of child marriage 2018

UNICEF has released revised figures for the global prevalence and burden of child marriage. This presentation explains the changing trends and their implications.


Baseline studies on child marriage in Mali, Niger and Togo

This series of reports explores the drivers and consequences of child marriage in Mali, Niger and Togo.


Child marriage in the Middle-East and North Africa

This study explores child marriage in the Middle-East and North Africa and provides recommendations on how to better address it.