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Find here reports, policy briefs and factsheets about child marriage, as well as capacity building tools for organisations and individuals working to end child marriage.

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Child marriage in Malaysia: its relationship with religion, culture and patriarchy

The report explores the influence beliefs around female sexuality on the practice of child marriage in Malaysia, and solutions to address it.

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Working with communities to change social norms: webinar resources

In February, Girls Not Brides hosted two webinars on social norms and community engagement to end child marriage.

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Ending child marriage, what does the evidence say? Webinar resources

Download resources from the January 2018 Learning Series webinar on the state of the evidence on solutions to end child marriage.

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Addressing child marriage through education: What the evidence shows

The brief examines what works to address child marriage through education. It highlights barriers to girls' education and recommends strategies to address them.

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Why governments must address child marriage to achieve quality education for girls

This brief was developed for the Global Partnership for Education's Financing Conference in February 2018.


Infographic: Why governments must address child marriage to achieve quality education for girls

A series of infographics on the links between child marriage and education.

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Sumando esfuerzos Prevención y atención de uniones tempranas en América Latina

This webinar examines early unions in Latin America.

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Frequently asked questions about why a minimum age of marriage of 18

Members advocating for a minimum age of marriage often face questions and pushback. This brief compiles useful arguments to make in favour of minimum age of marriage.

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The case for a minimum age of marriage of 18

This brief outlines the key arguments for setting 18 as a minimum age of marriage.


18 as minimum age of marriage: social media toolkit

This social media toolkit provides a short video and sample social media message to help advocate for 18 as the minimum age of marriage.