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Welcome to our learning hub! On this page you will find tools, resources and events to learn more about child marriage and related issues, and be successful in your advocacy, youth activism and fundraising.

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Here we provide thematic overviews of the latest evidence on child marriage and what works to end it, as well as practical guidance on how to use this in your work. Each page includes a selection of briefs, fact sheets, toolkits and other leaning products on child marriage, as well as guidance on advocacy, youth activism and fundraising.

Shared learning and capacity building

  • Advocacy

    At Girls Not Brides we want to see local and national governments, regional bodies, and global institutions direct money and resources towards ending child marriage. We advocate for child marriage laws, policies and programmes that empower girls and their communities. We want them to be well-financed, comprehensive, and multi-sectoral. 

  • Fundraising

    Ending child marriage requires long-term, sustainable funding. Yet there is currently not enough available, and it can be particularly hard for community-based and national organisations to access it. Girls Not…

  • Youth Activism

    Resources, tools and information for young activists, member organisations, civil society actors and donors to support and promote meaningful inclusion of youth in the collective efforts of the Partnership to end child marriage. 

  • Child Marriage Research to Action Network

    The CRANK is a joint initiative and platform for a coordinated global research agenda on child marriage, and to encourage the uptake of research by policy makers and practitioners. On…

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Resource centre

This is where we store all our resources – and those produced by other organisations and individuals working to end child marriage – in an easily-searchable collection. The Resource Centre includes briefs, fact sheets, infographics, manuals, reports, toolkits and other materials to promote learning and action to end child marriage.

Latest resources

Case study

Using the media to address FGM/C and child marriage: The case of the Association of Media Women in Kenya

Case study showcasing the positive impacts of using the media to change attitudes and harmful gender norms related to female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) in the context of Kuria, Western Kenya. 

Case study

Successfully addressing FGM/C and child marriage: The case of Msichana Empowerment Kuria, Kenya

Case study highlighting the importance of an integrated response to preventing child marriage and female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) in the context of Kuria, Kenya. 

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This page brings together learning and advocacy events – and related materials –including webinars and online learning and sharing opportunities.

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We developed these tools to help you learn about the prevalence of child marriage around the world and the range of strategies needed to address it.

Child marriage atlas

Child marriage atlas

Our interactive atlas shows child marriage data for every country in the world, and the specific drivers and contexts. Explore the map to understand the scale of the problem across the world, and find out what is being done to address it.

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Theory of change

Our Theory of Change shows the range of approaches needed to address child marriage, and the role everyone has to play to end the harmful practice.

Theory of Change